School Profile

The Junior Middle School Department of Jiahui Oak Foreign Language School was officially opened in September 2017. The school closely adheres to the philosophy of “Chinese Humanity and Global Elite Perspective”, deepening the educational reform, implementing moral education, gathering excellent teachers, focusing on classroom teaching quality, and striving to create a top educational brand of " double first class" in the field of the domestic quality education and international elite education. Meanwhile, the school is aimed to cultivate students to take root in tradition, base themselves on the present, and embrace the future in order to stimulate them to develop in an all-round way.



Curriculum Settings

(1)Oak Junior Middle School has set an enriched curriculum system, including Chinese National courses, bilingual transitional courses, International courses, growth course, off-campus extra-curricular courses, STEAM elective course, project-based learning course and satellite remote mobile course.
(2)Chinese National curriculum system includes all the courses stipulated by compulsory education in China. Teachers shall teach in strict accordance with the curriculum standards, academic quality standards and examination programs. Moreover, the depth and breadth of the courses shall conform to the standards of the Education Bureau.
(3)In order to better fit in with the all - English speaking model, Oak Junior Middle School combines IGCSE courses with National Chinese courses. According to students’ current level, we integrate the knowledge and offer the bilingual transitional courses, including bilingual Mathematics, bilingual Physics, bilingual Chemistry, and bilingual Art.

Course Features


Theme Activities